Troubles with Lufthansa

Quite strange. Roughly a week ago, I got a call from Lufthansa (Ãœberraschungsanruf von Lufthansa, German). A lady briefed by the management board declared: Dear passenger, we now offer on-board wheelchairs. Not only one which is provided in case of a need, but also one which belongs to the permanent equipment of an airplane.

Wow! I thought. Lufthansa is about to improve and they even forge ahead of all European Airlines.  Maybe even of all American Airlines, too. (US Airlines are usually most sensible concerning  accessibility issues.)

I book a flight from Hamburg to Munich. Everything works fine, I receive the ticket, but: No confirmation for the on-board wheelchair (WCOB)!!

My travel agency calls Lufthansa and tries to find out what’s the problem. Their answer: Lufthansa does not offer on-board wheelchairs on short haul flights!

Jes‘! It’s a constant back and forth. Why cant Lufthansa be clear about whether they have an aisle chair or not?!

The lady who called me, gave me her email in case „something goes wrong“. Ok.  48 hours ago, I wrote her an email. But no answer yet…

96 hours later…

Got Mail from Lufthansa: They confirm the aisle chair on a national flight. Took them some time, but finally it seems to work.

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