Flying with Ryanair

Who thinks travelling with Ryanair is  unconfortable might be right:  expensive drinks, not exactly spacious seats and lots of information that you didn’t ask for („wanna play lotto on-board?“).  And the low-budget airline definiteley gives you a hard time, in case you need something beyond the standards.

Ryanair Airplane
Ryanair Airplane

Still for passengers with reduced mobility they do offer some services.  If you book a flight,  you can already check online what kind of services you need ( This opportunity is not even part of the procedure of the Deutsche Lufthansa or of any other airline I travelled with so far). Another benefit might be related to the size of the aiport. Since ryanair uses own airports they are generally pretty small (Lübeck, Stansted, Skavsta). And I experienced that the smaller the airport the better I can deal with the airport staff about my wishes.

But then again all of the airplanes I used so far, they refused to provide an on-board wheelchair. And so did Ryanair. No on-board wheelchair and no alternative equipment, neither on the outbound flight nor on the way back.  Both of the cabin crews were willing but were not able to help me getting to the toilet.

I handed in a complaint and received the following answer from Ryanair:

Passengers must be capable of using toilet facilities unaided. If not, then he/she must be travel with an able bodied accompanying person aged 16 and over who must be capable of providing the assistance required.

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  1. I filed a complaint to the Luftfahrtbundesamt LBA (German body of enforcement of the EU regulation 1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility) against Ryanair. Now they forwarded my complaint to Ireland. Let’s wait and see!

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